Birchez Associates LLC, a Hudson Valley property development company, is widely recognized for providing senior citizens with homes they can afford in supportive communities where they can age in place and for the development of workforce housing. The firm is expanding its footprint with additional affordable senior housing and innovative solutions that enable the expansion of public-sector facilities. The company is the owner-manager of five Ulster County communities and one Schoharie County community at this time (9.1.2016). For each of its affordable housing projects, Birchez Associates brings the same energy, dedication and attention to detail that other developers reserve for high-end clientele. The firm goes above and beyond in every aspect of its projects – even allocating additional company funds to ensure that the facilities not only meet industry standards, but achieve Birchez Associates’ own standard of excellence.

Birchez Associates is distinguished by its determination to provide the highest quality and most innovative solutions to the housing crisis in the Hudson Valley. Since its inception, Birchez has developed and built exceptional affordable housing, and today continues to meet community housing needs by pioneering new funding strategies, promoting affordable housing-friendly legislation, developing and implementing technologies to contain costs while improving quality, and working closely with the communities it serves, ensuring that each project is the “right fit.”
For a look at how we are achieving our mission, click here for Birchez Associates: The Evolving Story video. Our mission is based on some significant “pillars” as documented in the videos below:
  • Aging in Place: click here
  • Sustainability, The Green Story of Birchez Associates: click here
  • Amenities to Improve the Quality of Life for Seniors: click here
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