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Birchez Associate Profile – Paul Slover

An Employee Everyone Counts On

Birchez Founder Steve Aaron knows everything is always in pristine condition in The Birchez at Chambers community thanks to the efforts of Paul Slover, a 10-year employee who is the facility’s porter.

Slover, who lives just two miles from Chambers, is known for his pleasant demeanor, helpful ways and sterling work ethic.

Paul Slover, porter at Birches at Chambers, makes sure that the community’s common rooms, like the library, are spotless

“Paul started out with Chambers Court (the 72-cottage style, single-story apartment community) when it was built, and later at Birches at Chambers (the 66-unit complex adjacent to Chambers Court),” said JudyAnn Fitzpatrick, Rondout Property Management’s Compliance Manager. Along with resident caretaker Jerry Coschigano, Paul is now responsible for the maintenance of 138 units and cleaning of the common areas.

Residents rely on Slover to shovel and plow snow, cut grass, polish furniture in common areas and handle many other duties to keep Birches at Chambers spotless.

“I’m a ‘Jack of all trades,’” Slover said. “I always try to help everyone I can. There are a lot of nice people here and they’re all very friendly.”

Fitzpatrick acknowledged that, too. “Mr. Aaron knows when he wants to show off the place, he can count on Paul because Paul keeps everything up to Birchez’ high standards” she said. “And the residents get a chance to thank him when he stops by ‘Alice’s tea’ (offered weekly by Birchez Senior Advocate Alice Tipp).”

Slover has been married for 22 years to Debra Slover and enjoys the outdoors and traveling. He knows that taking a few minutes to help goes a long way to making people feel comfortable and important. Most noteworthy, he’s demonstrated a special sensitivity to the senior residents he’s served for ten years.