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Birchez Foundation awards grant to Kingston Library

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

KINGSTON – The Kingston Library Mobile Technology Training Center has received a $5,000 grant from the Birchez Foundation. The mobile center will consist of 12 Chromebook computers and a Chromebook storage and charging cart to create a mobile technology training center to teach basic computer competencies.

Birchez Associates’ founder Steven Aaron announced the grant.

Aaron and Menard with ceremonial check

The initial focus of the mobile center will be seniors, age 65 and older, from the greater Kingston area, especially those who find it difficult to get to a library.

“We have noticed that many of our seniors, especially those in their late 70s and above have not acquired basic computer skills,” said Aaron. “Our onsite computer centers can be intimidating for those not familiar with these basic skills.”

“This grant supports our mission as a vital center in our diverse community, in this case through empowering seniors by providing access to library service,” said Kingston Library Director Margie Menard. “We have been working collaboratively with other libraries in the areas to ‘bring the library to seniors’. This grand is an important aid to that initiative.”

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