The Birches at Esopus

Apartment Features

Your apartment comes equipped with a refrigerator, range and air conditioning unit. Please refer to the user manuals provided for proper use of this equipment. If you are having trouble or have any questions about the operation of these appliances, please contact the office at 845-338-6173 for assistance.

For our residents residing in the main building, your unit also comes equipped with a dishwasher. The dishwasher tablets work best; however, you may use any dishwasher soap. It is also recommended to use a rinse aid such as FINISH® JET-DRY®. JET-DRY® comes in a liquid that you place in the rinse aid compartment or a tablet that hangs on the shelf inside the dishwasher.

Range Hood
Installed over your range is a range hood with a light and an exhaust fan. The switch on the wall next to your range controls the operation of this unit.

Wall Switch
The switch on the wall as you enter your living room controls the top outlet on the same wall. This feature allows you to plug in a lamp. If you do so you may use the switch to easily turn on and off your living room lamp.

Cable Television
As a service to our seniors, we offer expanded basic cable to you at a discounted rate of $37 per month. This service is already installed and ready for use upon move-in. Simply hook your television to the cable outlets provided in your living area and bedroom and turn your television on. If you have any problems with your cable service, please contact the office at 845-338-6173 for assistance.

Emergency Pull Cord
Your unit is equipped with an emergency pull cord system that will dispatch 911 when activated. To activate the system in the event of a health emergency, simply pull the cord. There are two pull cords in your unit, one is located in the bathroom and the other in your bedroom.

For Thermostat Instructions, see Heating Controls.