The Birches at Esopus

Facility Features

We are pleased to offer you many amenities at The Birches at Esopus. We hope you enjoy the extras we provide and are always open to suggestions.

Individual Storage Units

Located on the main floor, we have secure storage areas for each apartment. To locate your individual storage unit, please contact the office 845-331-6173 and we will assist you.

General Purpose Rooms

We have several general purpose rooms for use by the residents. The areas are located on the first floor of the main building and are listed below. In addition, the third floor offers a library with a game table. We are happy to provide you with these rooms and hope that you enjoy them.

Community Room
Fitness Studio
Theater/Media Room
Crafts Studio
Computer Room

Door Entry System

As the safety of our residents is of our utmost concern, access to the main building is secure. Only individuals with keys for entry may enter the building. Visitors may enter the building using our intercom system located in the vestibule at the main entrance. This system will call your telephone and your visitor will speak through the system. To grant access to your visitor, simply press the 9 (nine) key on your telephone key pad. Pressing 9 alerts the system to unlock the door and allow entrance to the building.

It is very important that you report your telephone number to the management office at 845-331-6173 so your telephone number can be programmed into the system. Please note that the feature of pressing 9 only works with landline phones. If you use a cell phone as your main phone, we can still program this number into the system but you will need to go to the main entrance to open the door for your guests.

24-Hour Emergency Maintenance

In the event that you have a maintenance emergency after normal business hours, you may contact a member of our maintenance team by calling 845-416-3387 or 845-406-5662. Please be sure to leave your name, telephone number, the community that you reside in, and the nature of your emergency if you receive an answering system. A member of our team will return your call promptly.