The Birches at Chambers

Apartment Features


Your apartment comes equipped with a refrigerator, range, dishwasher and Mitsubishi air conditioning/ventilation unit. Please refer to the user manuals provided for proper use of the refrigerator and range. If you are having trouble or have any questions about the operation of these appliances, please contact the office at 845-338-7571 for assistance.


For the best dishwasher results, dishwasher tablets work best; however, you may use any dishwasher soap. It is also recommended to use a rinse aid such as FINISH® JET-DRY®. JET-DRY® comes in a liquid that you place in the rinse aid compartment or a tablet that hangs on the shelf inside the dishwasher.

Range Hood

Installed over your range is a range hood with a light and an exhaust fan. The toggle switches are to the top right of the fan/light unit. The exhaust fan is part of the ventilation system and has two speeds (low speed to the left, high speed to the right). Turn the fan on before any use of the range top or oven to avoid setting off the smoke detector. Please note that the fan is very quiet, so double check after cooking so that you don’t leave it running unnecessarily.

Ceiling Lights

If you notice a ceiling spot light has gone out, please contact the office so that maintenance can replace it. That way we are assured that the correct wattage and energy efficient bulbs are used and we don’t have our residents on step ladders!

Cable Television

As a service to our seniors, we offer expanded basic cable to you at a discounted rate. This service is already installed and ready for use upon move-in. Simply hook your television to the cable outlets provided in your living area and/or bedroom(s) and turn your television(s) on. If you have any problems with your cable service or want enhanced services, please contact Time Warner Cable at 845-331-1711 for assistance.

Internet Service

Each apartment has outlets for internet service for the living room and bedroom(s). You will also find an outlet above the computer desk located in the living room of the one bedrooms and the second bedroom of the C-unit two bedrooms. Contact Time Warner or another internet provider for pricing plans and to turn on your service.

24-Hour Emergency Maintenance

In the event that you have a maintenance emergency after normal business hours, you may contact a member of our maintenance team by calling 845-494-0737 or 845-417-2760. If you receive an answering system, please be sure to leave your name, telephone number, the community that you reside in, and the nature of your emergency. A member of our team will return your call promptly.