The Birches at Chambers

Facility Features

We are pleased to offer you many amenities at The Birches at Chambers.  We hope you enjoy the extras we provide and are always open to suggestions.

Gathering and Special Purpose Rooms

Birchez Associates provides several gathering and special purpose rooms for our residents. Intended as part of our goal to keep our residents happy and involved with others, these areas are fully equipped for the comfort and enjoyment of our residents.

Main Lobby

Please consider this gathering room as an extension of your home. This is a comfortable spot for committees of the Senior Group to meet. Or perhaps you have a meeting with a service provider or someone you have not met before and are not comfortable to invite them into your apartment. But most of all, this is an area that you can meet with friends — new or old — to catch up or plan new activities.

Community Room

This room may take on a life of its own. With its expansive patio overlooking the Chambers Elementary School playing fields, we may end up with our own Senior Cheerleaders! We hope the community room serves our residents for meetings, community dinners, parties, and game nights.

Fitness Studio

Located in the lower level of the West Building, the Fitness Studio is fully equipped and comes complete with a senior exercise trainer. The trainer’s schedule is posted. Please note that for the safety of our residents, the Fitness Studio may only be used while our trainer is in the room. The trainer is available for one-on-one sessions at times and fees to be arranged between the resident and the trainer.

Theater/Media Room

This state of the art theater/media room is designed for community use for events such as the Academy Awards or the Super Bowl, plus educational and fun programming. Contact the office for more info.

Computer “Lab”

For those residents who do not have access to a computer or if you do not have internet access, the computer lab on the second floor provides computers for residents’ use. We also periodically schedule instructors to introduce our residents to the computer or internet use. Residents interested in computer clubs for special interests may contact the Senior Club or the office to schedule use.

Crafts Room

The crafts room is meant as a gathering place for our residents who enjoy doing crafts together. Please leave the room as you would like to find it. If you want to find others who enjoy a similar craft, either contact the office, our Senior Advocate Alice Tipp, or post on the bulletin board.

Library/Game Room

The library/game room on the second floor is provided for the enjoyment of the residents. You may use it to meet with friends or family. Or perhaps use the library as a place to get a way for a good read or to meet other residents for games.

Individual Storage Units

Located on the lower level of both the West and East buildings, individual, secure storage units are provided for each apartment. The storage units are numbered to correspond to your apartment number. If you use your storage unit you can lock it with a padlock. Make sure you provide one key to the office. In the event we have no key and have to open the storage unit, you will be charged appropriate fees.

Door Entry System

As the safety of our residents is of our utmost concern, access to the main building is secure. Only individuals with keys for entry may enter the building unannounced. Visitors may enter the building using our intercom system located in the vestibule at the entrances for the West, Main or East Building. Your visitor will enter your apartment number which, in turn, will dial your phone. Your visitor can then identify himself or herself. To grant access to your visitor, simply press the 9 (nine) key on your telephone key pad. Pressing 9 alerts the system to unlock the door and allow entrance to the building.

It is very important that you report your telephone number to the management office at 845-338-7571 so that your telephone number can be programmed into the system.