The Birches at Chambers

Heating, AC & Ventilation Controls

Whether you have baseboard or radiant heat, it is a good practice to set the temperature to a comfortable setting and leave it at that – with perhaps a seasonal adjustment. If you find that you need it a bit warmer or a bit cooler, begin adjusting just a degree or two at a time.

Putting the temperature way down or way up will not achieve the desired effect any quicker. In fact this may result in a much cooler or hotter temperature being reached which you then have to compensate for. Especially in those apartments with radiant heat (where the heat rises from the floor itself) it takes longer to reach the desired temperature – but it also stays at that comfortable setting longer.

The Birches at Chambers is energy efficient with the boilers preset so if the outside temperature is above 70 degrees (approximately 74 degrees inside) they will not go on.


The thermostat is located in the hall between the living room and bedroom(s).

To set time and day on the thermostat:

  2. Press ↑/↓ to set time
  3. Press SET DAY
  4. Press ↑/↓ to select day
  5. Press DONE to save & exit

* If this option is not displayed, press DONE, RUN SCHEDULE or CANCEL

To set program sechedule

  1. Press SYSTEM to select Heat or Cool
  4. Press ↑/↓ to set Mon-Fri Wake time, then press NEXT
  5. Press ↑/↓ to set Mon-Fri Wake temperature, then press NEXT
  6. Repeat steps 4-5 to set Leave/Return/Sleep time periods
  7. Repeat steps 4-5 to set Sat-Sun time periods
  8. Press DONE to save & exit

* If this option is not displayed, press DONE, RUN SCHEDULE or CANCEL

To override program schedule:

  • Press ↑/↓ to change temperature for this time period only
  • Press HOLD, ↑/↓ to change temperature for all time periods
  • Press RUN SCHEDULE or CANCEL to resume schedule

Air Conditioning

Your Mitsubishi air conditioning/ventilation unit is wall mounted in the living room (and the larger bedroom in the two bedroom units).  The control is also wall mounted below the AC unit.

The basic operation is controlled by ON/OFF button to the right and the up and down arrows to the left – both located just below the display portion of the control unit.

The room temperature is displayed. When putting the AC unit on, please adjust in small degree increments to achieve your desired temperature. The icons below the temperature arrows in the raised portion of the control are:

The Fan is controlled on the bottom right.


The Ventilation panel is located in the bathroom. This flat panel has two tone blue logo with rain drops and is a component of the Energy Recovery Ventilation system in your apartment.

When you press the icon, a green light comes on and your ventilator will run for 20 minutes. (If you listen, you’ll hear a very quiet fan sound.) Press again and the ventilation unit will run for 40 minutes. A third press provides for 60 minutes of ventilation.

To turn off the unit or to cancel a cycle, just press the logo and hold for about five seconds. The green light will go off letting you know that the ventilation system is off. You can start another cycle by pressing the logo. You may have to press several times depending on the cycle.

This state-of-the-art ventilation system is part of our energy savings efforts at The Birches at Chambers. Before the stale air (along with pollutants) is expelled from the building, the Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV) system transfers heat so that you use less energy to heat your apartment. Don’t hesitate to use the ventilation system; you’ll find it provides improved air quality.

The fan above your stove is part of this system as well. Again, the fan is very quiet so you may not notice that it is on. Remember to put the fan on before using your range top or oven. After cooking, please check that the fan switch is toggled off to conserve energy.